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About Us

Maximize Your Profits. Using Less Time and Money.

Seven Figure Shift is a highly experienced business coaching company who specializes in helping coaches, consultants, service-based businesses with unlocking their full potential to become effective, dynamic and high-impact founders.


We focus on our "Profit Maximizer System" to create the millionaire mindset and the key actions  that are needed to bring your business to the next level. 


Discover how we work below: 


While there are alot of business coaches out there, we focus on helping our clients10X their profits while reducing valuable resources like time and money. Using our proprietary “Mindset, Marketing, Optimization (MMO) framework in our "Profit Maximizer System", we work towards helping clients reach that seven-figure profit path faster.


As a bonus, Seven Figure Shift members receive our all-exclusive “Power-Play” Network that includes professionals that can help you out in different areas of your business such as: accounting, legal assistance, and possible other areas. You will receive special discounts with these professionals, through becoming a Seven Figure Shift client.

Additionally, we showcase some of our members on our media platforms to make your business more visible to prospective clients.

We are determined to help our clients get set up with the tools that are needed to succeed.




Goal setting& MINDSET

Gain clarity on you company and financial goals. Develop the right mindset and daily, weekly, monthly, yearly actions to hit those goals.


marketing strategy

Identifying the right marketing channel with right marketing copy based on solid consumer research.


testing marketing strategy

Increase clients and profits by measuring our marketing results and split-testing your marketing campaigns.


saving time and money

Here we look at time and money pitfalls    that are stopping your company from reaching its full potential.



Set your business on autopilot mode. Create a system so that you can automate your business and multiply your profits while you are away.


rinse. repeat. scale.

Month six and beyond are dedicated towards looking at marketing and company activities that gives us the highest return on investment to bring your company to the next level.



The above is the framework we use with our clients, but each client's needs are different. Therefore this framework can be adjusted as needed.


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